13 Best Persian Cat Breeders in California (Check Out Now)

California the city where I grow up always have been the trendsetter when it come to trends and that is no different when comes to owning a Persian cat.

Persian cats have become one of the most popular pets in California. The combination of their docile and loving nature with their beautiful coat has made them a top choice for many cat lovers.

If you are thinking of getting a Persian cat, then you will need to find a reputable breeder. This can be a daunting task, but luckily we have done the hard work for you.

Below I’ve selected the top 13 Persian cat breeders in California based on their experience, reputation, and quality of kittens.

List of Persian Cat Breeders in California

As you’re reading this list, get ready to spend some money as the price for a Persian cat can range from $600 to over $5000. The price will depend on the breeder, the quality of the kitten, and whether they are show quality or not.

After you have found the perfect Persian cat for your home, make sure to sign up for pet insurance. This will help you offset the costs of any unexpected medical bills.

Let’s check out the top Persian cat breeders in California.

1. Dazzle M Persian Cat

A Beautiful Persian Cat in Dazzle M Persian Cat Cattery
📍 Sacramento

Dazzle-M is a small cattery that has been in the business of breeding beautiful Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats since 1994.

All of their cats are free to roam and interact with people in a cage-free environment, and the breeder’s primary goal is to produce the highest-quality cats with golden and silver coat colors.

The cats at Dazzle-M all fulfill the strict criteria set by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), making them perfect for those who are looking for a Silver Persian kitten.

This cattery is rather small, but they have been participating in cat shows for many years and have a wealth of experience when it comes to breeding healthy, happy cats. Whether you’re looking for a show cat or simply a beloved new pet, Dazzle-M should be your first stop.

Breeder Info

Address: Sacramento, Northern California USA

Website: Dazzle M Persians & Exotics

Social Media: Facebook

Phone Number: 916-991-6530

E-mail: [email protected]

2. Agape Persian

A Cute Persian Cat Staring on Agape Persian Cattery
📍 Dana Point

In search of a cat that won’t mind living with your dog? Agape Persian may be the perfect cattery for you. Breeders at Agape Persian specialize in bi-color, silver, golden, and calico Persian cats – all of which are guaranteed to get along well with dogs.

In addition to being dog-friendly, these cats are also friendly and well-adjusted, as they are raised in a family environment. Kittens sold by Agape come with a 1-year warranty against any genetic health problems and will have received all necessary vaccinations.

If you’re interested in learning more about this cattery, visit their website (linked below). There, you’ll find detailed information on the cats available as well as some pleasing background music. You’re sure to find an affectionate feline friend at Agape Persian.

Breeder Info

Address: Dana Point, California

Website: Agape Persian

Phone Number: 562-760-2006

E-mail: [email protected]

3. Windy Valley Persians

Beautiful Gray Persian Cat on Windy Valley Persians Cattery
📍 Murrieta

At Windy Valley Persians, they are aim to breed charming, healthy kittens that are well-adjusted and sociable by the time their new owners come to pick them up.

All of their cats have lengthy pedigrees, which makes them a wonderful option if you want to enter your new pet into a cat show. The cattery bloodlines include several supreme champs; you can read all about them on our official website.

It’s well worth visiting this cattery, if only to see the large and spacious areas that each of their cats has. The cattery is promised to specialize in breeding solid and parti-color Persian cats.

The cattery have been breeding Persians since 2000 and participating in cat shows since 2002. In addition to being beautiful animals, Persians make wonderful pets. They are known for being sweet-tempered, loving, and affectionate.

If you are looking for a new furry friend, I encourage you to come and meet their cats. I’m sure you will fall in love with one of their wonderful kittens.

Breeder Info

Address: Windy Valley, Murrieta, California

Website: Windy Valley Persians

Phone Number: 951-600-9634

E-mail: [email protected]

4. A Kitkat Cattery

Cute Persian Cat Posing for a Photo in A Kitkat Cattery
📍 Camarillo

A Kitkat Cattery is the perfect place to find your new feline friend. Whether you’re looking for a pet, a breeder, or a show-quality cat, you’ll find what you’re looking for at A Kitkat Cattery.

The breeders at A Kitkat Cattery have a deep love of cats and are dedicated to breeding the sweetest tempered Persians and Himalayan kittens in accordance with CFA standards.

All of their kittens are vaccinated and healthy before going to their forever homes. If you’re looking to meet other cat lovers, A Kitkat Cattery is the perfect place for you. They participate in CFA cat shows and love meeting new people who share their passion for cats.

Breeder Info

Address: Camarillo, California

Website: A Kitkat Haven

Phone Number: 813-586-1123

E-mail: [email protected]

5. CherryBirdie Cattery

Closeup Persian Cat Plaing in CherryBirdie Cattery
📍 Stanton

CherryBirdie Cattery is the perfect place to find your new feline friend. This home-based, family-owned cattery is dedicated to providing the best possible care for their Himalayan and Persian cats.

The owners have been in the business since 1993 and have been participating in cat shows since 2003. They are registered with the CFA and are proud members of the International Cat Association.

This means that you can be assured that the kittens are well-cared for and of excellent quality. In addition, the kittens are used to plenty of cuddles, so you’ll need to provide those as well! Whether you’re looking for a show cat or a beloved pet, CherryBirdie Cattery is sure to have the perfect kitten for you.

Breeder Info

Address: Stanton, California, 90680

Website: CherryBirdie Cattery

Phone Number: 714-952-4419

6. Kingsley Persian Kittens

Fluffy Persian Kitten Playin in the Room of Kingsley Persian Kittens Cattery
📍 Arcadia

Kingsley Cattery is dedicated to breeding the most beautiful Himalayan Persians imaginable. They have a wide variety of coat patterns and colors available, and almost all of their kittens have striking blue eyes.

These breeders specialize in color point Persians, with a strong focus on the Himalayan variety. Their cats and kittens live in a cage-free environment, where they have plenty of opportunities to play and socialize with both people and other cats.

The breeding cats at Kingsley come from strong bloodlines and some of the best catteries in the world. The team respects the standards of the ancestry bloodlines, and their previous generations include some grand champion cats.

The kittens are fed a raw diet, and they shower them with love and attention. All cats and kittens are vet-checked and are FIV, FelV, and PKD negative. The kittens are also litter box trained before they go to their forever homes.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, healthy Himalayan Persian kitten, Kingsley Cattery is the perfect place to start your search.

Breeder Info

Address: Arcadia, California

Website: Kingley Persians

Social Media: Instagram

Phone Number: 626-230-4051

E-mail: [email protected]

7. Jazzycats Cattery

A Cute Persian Cat Licking Lips on Jazzycats Cattery
📍 Rancho Cucamonga

Jazzycats is a small home-based cattery that breeds and shows exotic cats. The goal of the business is to produce healthy cats that can compete in shows.

Jazzycats is registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and is a member of Cat Kingpin, which is an online cat breeder directory.

The website for Jazzycats includes photos and information about their breeding males and females, show cats, and available litters.

The breeders are open to answering any questions that potential customers might have. They also have social media platforms that provide updates on available kittens and upcoming litters.

Jazzycats takes pride in producing healthy, beautiful cats and strives to provide excellent customer service.

Breeder Info

Address: Rancho Cucamonga, California

Website: JazzyCats Cattery

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Phone Number: 909-717-0779

8. Jobez Silver Persians

Beautiful Persian Cat Plying with Old Suitcase in the House of Jobez Silver Persians Breeder
📍 Nevada

Jobezz Silver Persians is a breeder that specializes in chinchilla, shaded, and golden Persians. They pride themselves on the champions in their kittens’ bloodlines and work hard to produce high-quality kittens.

All of their Persian kittens go through testing and examination before anyone can purchase them.

In addition, each kitten comes with a full health guarantee. Their website is user-friendly and informative; you can easily find out about available kittens as well as learn more about the breeders, their breeding cats, and past champions.

Jobezz Silver Persians doesn’t breed more than three litters per year because they believe each kitten deserves ample attention and love. If you’re interested in adopting a Persian kitten, be sure to check out Jobezz Silver Persians!

Breeder Info

Address: Nevada/ Southern California

Website: Jobez Silver Persians

Phone Number: 562-858-3688

E-mail: [email protected]

9. KelSkits

Little Fluppy Persian Cat Lying and Playing on Mat at KelSkits Cattery
📍 Carlsbad

At KelSkits Persian Cattery, the health of their cats is always a top priority. All of the cats at the cattery are properly tested for illnesses and vaccinated to protect their future health.

These breeders used to work as professional veterinary technicians and have been in the Persian breeding business for some time, so they’re able to share a wealth of knowledge with future buyers.

They specialize in silver and golden Persians – silver shaded and chinchilla silver – and they focus on the cats’ health first and foremost.

They produce kittens that are well-adjusted and healthy (and beautiful as all Persians are!) before their new owners come to claim them.

In this cattery, you can often stumble upon a doll-face Persian kitten, as this trait seems to be particularly common among silver Persians. So if you’re looking for a healthy, beautiful Persian kitten, KelSkits is the cattery for you!

Breeder Info

Website: Kelskits

Social Media: YouTube

Phone Number: 760-884-1012

E-mail: [email protected]

10. Fancy Friends

Little Persian Kitten Sitting on Yellow Background at Fancy Friends Cattery
📍 Laguna Beach

Fancy Friends is a cattery that specializes in breeding Exotic and Himalayan Persian cats. Upon visiting their website, you are greeted with pictures of available kittens so that you can see what they have to offer right away.

You can also view pictures of previous litters, parent cats, and read more about the cattery itself. Fancy Friends adheres to breed standards and participates in cat shows, where they consider Persians to be the highest class.

In addition to this, the cattery is registered with TICA and CFA, two well-known organizations in the world of cats. Their breeding program focuses on health above all else, as they believe that this is the most important aspect of their work.

Breeder Info

Address: Laguna Beach, California

Website: Fancy Friends

Phone Number: 949-499-3932

E-mail: [email protected]

11. Shadow Oak Persians

Persian Cat Getting Potty Trained by Shadow Oak Persians Breeders
📍 Orangevale

The breeders at Shadow Oak Persians have been producing beautiful cats for more than three decades. In that time, they have built up a reputation for being a reputable and responsible breeding operation.

All of their cats are screened for genetic diseases and health issues before they are made available for sale, and their cattery is ringworm-free. Kitten from Shadow Oak Persians is guaranteed to be healthy and well-cared-for.

These gentle cats make great companions for families, and that is precisely how they are treated by the breeders at Shadow Oak Persians.

From the day they are born until the day they go to their forever homes, these kittens are loved and cared for like family pets. The cattery is also PKD negative, meaning that all of the cats are free from this potentially devastating disease.

If you are thinking about buying a Persian kitten, or if you just want to learn more about this amazing breed, the breeders at Shadow Oak Persians would be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Contact them today to get started on your journey to cat ownership.

Breeder Info

Address: Orangevale, California

Website: ShadowOak Persians

E-mail: [email protected]

12. Katzino Persians

Beautiful Silver Tabby Persian Cat on Katzino Persians Cattery
📍 Rocklin

Looking for a high-quality Persian breeder? Look no further than Katzino Cattery! This small cattery produces some of the most stunning CFA-registered Persians kittens around, and they come with a health guarantee.

They’ve been breeding Persian cats for more than 30 years and have a wealth of experience. In the last few years, they’ve been focusing solely on white Persians with blue or orange eyes – and they are absolutely beautiful.

If you’re interested in one of their kittens, you’ll be glad to know that they are well-adjusted and used to people (and cuddles!). By the time they’re ready for their forever homes, they will have been vaccinated and come with health guarantees.

You can check out their full details or contact them by visiting their official website. Don’t miss out on the chance to own one of these stunning cats!

Breeder Info

Address: Rocklin, California

Website: Katzino Persians

E-mail: [email protected]

13. LuvTale Persians

2 Months Old Male Persian Kittens Plying on LuvTale Persians Cattery
📍 Vallejo

Looking for a high-quality Persian breeder? Check out LuvTale Persians. This CFA-registered cattery has been in the breeding business and showing cats since 2013.

LuvTale breeds one or two litters per year, and sometimes puts older cats up for adoption. You can check out their photo galleries to see their previous and future litters.

These breeders encourage any potential buyers to reach out to them and they’ll gladly talk to you, whether via their official website or facebook.

LuvTale also plans to continue showing and breeding these beautiful creatures in the future. So if you’re looking for a Persian breeder, be sure to check out LuvTale Persians!

Breeder Info

Address: Vallejo, California

Website: Luv Tale Persians

Social Media: Facebook

E-mail: contact via website form


FAQ's on Cat Breeders in California

How Do I Know If a Cat Breeder is Reputable?

Before you bring a new cat into your home, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable breeder. With so many breeders to choose from, how can you tell which ones are reputable? Here are a few things to look for:

First, avoid breeders who seem more interested in selling you a cat than in ensuring that the cat is going to a good home. A good breeder will want to know about your lifestyle and family Situation to make sure that the cat will be well-cared for.

Second, look for a breeder who provides health guarantees for their kittens. This shows that the breeder is committed to breeding healthy cats and stands behind their animals.

Finally, visit the breeder’s facility and meet the cats and kittens in person. This will give you a better sense of the breeder’s operation and allow you to ask any questions you may have. By following these tips, you can be confident that you’re choosing a reputable breeder and giving a new cat a loving home.

How Much are Ragdoll Cats in California?

There are a wide variety of Ragdoll cats available in California, and the price can vary depending on a number of factors. For example, show quality Ragdolls may cost more than those that are not eligible for shows.

In addition, Ragdolls that have unusual markings or colors may also be more expensive.

However, the average price of a Ragdoll kitten in California is between $600 and $1200. Some breeders may charge more or less than this amount, so it is important to do some research before purchasing a kitten.

With a little effort, it should be possible to find a Ragdoll cat that fits both your budget and your lifestyle.

What is the Rarest Persian Cat Color?

While Persian cats come in a wide variety of colors, some hues are rarer than others. One of the rarest Persian cat colors is lavender. This delicate shade is often associated with royalty, and it can be quite striking when paired with the correct coat pattern.

Another rare color is chocolate. Like lavender, chocolate Persian cats are often very beautiful, and they tend to stand out in a crowd. While lavender and chocolate Persians are certainly rare, perhaps the rarest Persian cat of all is the albino.

Albino Persians have a completely white coat and pink eyes, and they are extremely rare. In fact, albino animals of any kind are quite uncommon, making albino Persians truly one-of-a-kind creatures.

Do Persian Cats Like to Cuddle?

Persian cats are known for their docile nature and love of cuddling. They are gentle creatures that enjoy human companionship, making them ideal pets for people who want a calm, loving cat.

Persian cats typically prefer to lounge around the house and take naps, but they will also enjoy playing with toys and exploring their surroundings. When it comes to cuddling, Persian cats are very affectionate and love to be close to their humans.

They will often purr when being petted or held, and they may even attempt to climb into your lap. If you are looking for a cuddly cat companion, a Persian cat is sure to make you happy.

How Much is the Cheapest Persian Cat?

How Much is the Cheapest Persian Cat

While there is no definitive answer to this question, Persian cats are typically one of the more expensive breeds available. This is due in part to their long, luxurious coats, which require regular grooming and may be susceptible to mats and tangles.

In addition, Persian cats tend to be rather delicate, and they often require special care when it comes to food and litter. As a result, those looking for a cheap Persian cat may want to consider adopting an older cat from a shelter or rescue organization.

While these cats may not have the same show-quality coat as a purebred kitten, they can still make loving and loyal pets.

What is the Average Weight of a Persian Cat?

The average weight of a Persian cat is between 8 and 12 pounds. This breed of cat is known for its long, thick fur, which can add to its weight.

In addition, Persian cats tend to be relatively large in size, with males typically weighing 2-4 pounds more than females. While the average weight of a Persian cat falls within this range, individual cats can vary significantly in size and weight.

Some may be as small as 6 pounds, while others may weigh as much as 15 pounds or more. Regardless of their size, Persian cats are typically gentle and loving creatures that make great companion animals.

My Final Thoughts

After reviewing the 13 Persian cat breeders in California, we’ve come to the conclusion that there are many reputable breeders to choose from.

Persian cats are a popular choice for many people, and as such, there is no shortage of breeders in California. However, it is important to do your research to find a breeder that you feel comfortable with.

Be sure to ask questions about the breeding process, the health of the cats, and the overall care that the breeder provides. With so many great options available, you are sure to find a Persian cat breeder in California that you can trust.

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